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2015 Polaris Sportsman - Never Changed Oil

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I bought my ATV brand new in March 2015. The oil has never been changed and I'm looking for other's opinions on how bad that might be. It only has 75 miles on it and is mostly used for plowing my driveway and some yard work.

I know this sounds terrible but I haven't been able to take it to get serviced since I no longer have a way to transport it. I do have someone who can come to the house and change it but not before the first snowfall this Thursday.

Can I cause damage if I still used it before the oil is changed? I'll appreciate any advice on this!

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I would suggest changing it A.S.A.P! & go by how many hours are on the machine, not miles.
If you're going to use it again before the oil is changed, make sure the oil level is full.
thank you both! I'll make sure it's leveled off. one more question if you don't mind... have you found that a polaris dealer is the only way to purchase the parts? (sorry if these are stupid questions... I'm a beginner and it's overwhelming when I don't know even the simple questions.)
If you're referring to an oil change kit, you can find them on Ebay, Amazon, and many other websites.
I was hoping to pick it up somewhere so I can get it faster but I think online will be the best way to go. Thanks a bunch for your help! Much appreciated!
As mentioned, you don't have to use Polaris oil & filter. You can find an oil filter & oil at a local auto parts store or even Walmart, just stick with synthetic oil.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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