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Hello everyone,

I could really use some help trying to figure out a problem Im having with my 2015 Sportsman touring 1000.
It won't start. it turns but that's it. I figured it was the spark plug so I took them out and tried quickly to turn the motor to see If im getting a spark but no spark to either one.
Next i checked the ignition coil. I saw a video online from RMstator showing that I should be getting about 1ohm resistance on the primary and 10k resistance on the secondary. The primary measured right but the secondary shows open/infinite. So I went ahead and ordered a replacement from RM Stator. Received the replacement a couple of days later and measured the secondary only to find the new ignition coil shows open as well. Figuring it was defective, I ordered another one and once again the secondary doesn't read anything resistance wise. I was starting to think that this type of coil doesn't have any readings on the secondary and it must be another issue. I connected it to the bike anyways just to see if it would start but nothing.

things Ive checked:
-spark plug wire breaks---> I checked continuity and resistance and they both check out fine.
-fuse box---> all fuses seem good.
-spark plugs---> checked resistance on both and one reads 4800ohms the other 5500ohms. No shorts or breaks
-brand new stator was installed last month by motocross/atv mechanic. It took them 4 months to get all the pieces in because of covid related B/O. When I finally got it back, I went on a 3hr long ride with no issues. Next ride a couple of days later, it wouldn't start.

SO, this brings me to my question. Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this issue? or what should be my next steps? I really don't want to bring it back to the mechanic and lose it for many more months unless Im sure its has something to do with the stator they replaced.


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If you are testing correctly...................

Refer to the schematic below

You test the primary of one coil RD/BU to BK and the other coil RD//BU to WH - test the secondary plug wire to plug wire or plug wire to ground or plug wire to RD/BU
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