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2016 Polaris 570 fuel pump

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So I was having a problem with intermittent poor running/backfire.

I had replaced the battery the year before, and it never seemed right. So thinking I was getting a low voltage issue, I bought another new battery. No change.

So I pulled the sparkplug, it looked pretty black - so I replaced it. No change.

After reading a bunch of posts about low hour bad fuel pumps, I decided maybe its time to check it out. Took a bit to pull all the plastics to get to the tank. Easy to check the pressure, it was showing 48 psi. I had a factory service manual - thanks latebird - and it showed 58 psi as required.

Ebay had a pump that was made in Japan and came with a lifetime warranty. Replaced it today - verified I now had 58 psi, reassembled and that totally cleared up the problem. Machine only had about 70 hours on it.. Old pump was a Bosch made in China.

Here is the pump I used. Doesn't come with the regulator, but has a lifetime warranty.


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