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2016 Sportsman 110 Ignition Switch question

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Hello folks. Got a question about a sportsman 110 ignition switch wiring. I bought a non-running 2016 that has had it’s wiring cut to the key switch. From the key switch that’s still attached I can see the four wiring colors red, brown, black and green. The problem is I don’t see where these wires would have plugged in on the wiring harness. I looked at a wiring diagram and based on the diagram that I saw it only looks like two wires go to the key switch which confuses me more. What I think I can tell is one wire is red and the other I think is brown but not sure. Can someone please let me know what the wire connection should look like? Can some one please post a picture? Thank you in advance!
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There are two wires that I don’t know where they go. A red and brown white. They seem to be the only two wires that aren’t hooked up anywhere. Sorry just lost on what the wiring to key switch should look like.
Thanks for the welcome!
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