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I’m still hoping someone here can help out! dealer couldn’t help all they could do was plug in diagnostic program and tell me what code I’m getting that’s it!

back story the atv was running fine no issues then one day I got the check engine light (speed sensor) and power steering light but at this point quad was running good still I pulled it in to the garage and unplug anything I could reach to clean and grease! (TPS was never touched)I unplugged ECU and grease that too then I go to start it and check engine light goes away and power steering light goes away! But now a new problem popped up code 102 4 so far this is a list of what I’ve done

new battery
New voltage regulator
New map sensor
New map sensor harness tail
New fuel pump (complete unit)
New spark plug (cr8eix)
New air filter

Now main issue is that the atv will run just fine with tmap sensor UNPLUGGED or if the check engine light goes away! But as soon as the check engine light goes away the atv dies and can’t get it to start again

I’m at a complete loss and need help I just can’t understand why the atv runs off tmap unplugged but not if the tmap is plugged in

any help would be appreciate it thank you guys
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