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2017 Polaris Sportsman 850 SP blown pinion cover

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My 2017 Polaris Sportsman 850 SP only has 800kms and the front pinion cover is blown right out of the diff.. running stock tires and everything else is stock. I see on the website the these 850's now have a whole front replacement differential, instead of running diff #1333570 the new diff part is now #1333965 but I don't see a recall. Machine is still under warranty will this be covered?
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Your 850 would sh!t all over that suzuki 700!!

I'd take a Polaris 850 over KQ 700 everyday of the week and twice on Sunday!!!

With that said I feel for you but you have to know your machine and it's short comings!!!

IMO Suzuki is a pile of sh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of my buddies HAD kings and they always had issues. Everything from massive electrical problems to broken frames!!! We ride hard the kings were rode hard and they broke like they all break!!! Ironically out of like 7-8 kings only one guy is a repeat buyer. He only bought another one because he crashed and broke his back down at HMT and didn't want to ride that machine anymore. He bought a new king and immediately started having electrical problems within the first 300 miles. He was able to chase down the issue and got his money back on an Griz 700 he had a deposit on.

I'd take the extra maintenance on a Polaris or canned ham over some anemic suzuki all day long!!!!!!!!!
LOL... What are you trying to say bp? That a KQ ain't got enough power to break anything? 馃榿
If it broke that easy I suspect it may have already been loose and had some play in the fasteners. I've seen pics of a few that were caught before they came completely unglued. I'd advice anyone with a pre-18 machine to check the pinion as a regular part of maintenance if they aren't gonna replace the cover. If one or more of the bolts are found loose, put a drop of blue loctite on the threads and torque to spec.
The above might not prevent the failure but it sure couldn't hurt to try to catch it BEFORE it explodes. :unsure:
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