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Hello all,

A few months ago, our 570 Sportsman had a low voltage warning. After some research and trial and error, we found the voltage regulator had gone bad. We purchased a new OEM one from the dealer, and replaced it, and everything functioned again. The voltage read constant around 14.5-14.9V.

Today, when riding it, the display screen started glitching out once the machine was above idle. It started with the backlight going out, followed by the coolant temperature / RPM flashing, reading random numbers, and completely disappearing. We switched the display to show voltage, and found the voltage was jumping around a lot. At idle, it remained in the 14-15V range. However, as soon as throttle was applied, it rapidly changed between 15-15.9V. While the display hasn't shown any error messages, I would assume the high voltage is causing the display to glitch out. The issue hasn't affected anything else (Engine runs fine, lights/winch work), but we'd like to know what's causing the issue.

Has anyone else had a similar issue, and if so, what was the cause? A few forums I read suggested it was the voltage regulator, but ours had just been replaced, so I'm unsure if it's the issue. Our battery is original from 2017, and has survived a few colder winters. However, it still has good cranking power and takes a full charge when we occasionally charge it.

Thanks, Ethan
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