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Bought brand new. Currently has just over 500 miles on it. All stock except tires and pinion cover (if you know then you know) anyways never an issue with it. Went out to fire it up and acted like battery was dead or low. No prime, no attempt to turn motor over and gear display on the pod showed only two dashes. Pulled battery and charged it overnight. Put it back in and same thing. Pulled cover off breaker box and checked all fuses, swapped around the relays several times. Nothing. Pulled screws and made sure plug wasnt loose underneath the breaker box. Nothing. So i pulled plastics off and have looked for loose plug, broken wire nothing found. Opended up the pod made sure no loose connections there. Tried to start again and this time after playing around with everything it is showing the gear, can hear pump prime and motor turns over but it will not fire. Someone had suggested possibility of a bad ignition switch but if it is now priming and turning over i can't see what that would be the cause of not firing. Is it possible? It started and ran fine a few weeks prior no issues at all. Of course this would happen after the warranty expires
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