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2020 Sportsman 570 Brake Lights stay on

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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I have a 2020 sportsman 570 I have a issue where the Brake Lights stay on as if I'm on the brakes. I bled the front brakes to try and maybe release some pressure if that was causing it. It didn't seem to help the issue. I found the manifold where the pressure sensor is at for the brakes. I can't reach the plug to pull it out and I'll have to pull off the front end plastics. Is there anything else that can be causing this issue? I really don't want to remove the plastics If I don't have too or take it in for a service if I don't have too.
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I am having the same issue with my 2020 Sportsman 570 the brake lights stay on and the brake lever is quite firm, I have Polaris extended warranty but it will take the local dealer three weeks just to look at my machine kind of annoying to have it down for a month. Has anyone changed theirs out?
Sounds like the master cylinder may be over full / over pressurized. I'd pull the lid and check the level.
Thanks, will check have had the unit since June/July 2020 first issue, but yes seems like its a pressure issue
Just wanted to post an update as of December 16, 2021, I installed a new Polairs brake pressure switch as it’s the most common failure point from what I have found posted online, did the brake bleeding, topped off the system to the line with fresh DOT 4 fluid. I also checked the master cylinder before making sure it was ok and the fluid was at the line beforehand.
So it didn’t work my lights still stay on, one notable observation is that when I pull the hand brake lever I use to hear a microswitch type of noise that I don’t hear ever since this started.
My unit runs fine it’s just that my lights are not working and the brake handle still feels a bit firmer than normal.
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