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2020 Sportsman 570 Brake Lights stay on

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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I have a 2020 sportsman 570 I have a issue where the Brake Lights stay on as if I'm on the brakes. I bled the front brakes to try and maybe release some pressure if that was causing it. It didn't seem to help the issue. I found the manifold where the pressure sensor is at for the brakes. I can't reach the plug to pull it out and I'll have to pull off the front end plastics. Is there anything else that can be causing this issue? I really don't want to remove the plastics If I don't have too or take it in for a service if I don't have too.
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Same issue with my 2022 trail. Ordered an new switch to try but pulled a tad on the master cylinder plunger and the issue went away for a day then came back. Brakes are not dragging. Tried draining some fluid and cracked the bleed valve. Same issue. Going to replace the switch tomorrow and try it.
Hi, did you solve your broblem? I bought 2022 Sportsman 570 Trail week ago and on my first ride "release brake" massage poped up with chek engine light. When I disconected rear brake switch all massages are gone, bit quad stoped start, evend didnt crank.
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