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Hey guys. I know y'all didn't believe me, and that's okay, but I have news. Our insurance had reimbursed us as somehow we managed to get it insured. I don't know how, but it saved us 15 grand. We recently got a new one after getting into heated discussions with representatives from Polaris. We got a 2021 Polaris Sportsman XP1000 Trail, but we noticed some issues as soon as I loaded it off the back of our truck. Here's the issues and I'm not sure if this is common or can be fixed easily.

1. Grinding noise coming from rear axles
2. Off centered steering, as in the ATV drifts to the side of the road or into ditches if we don't correct it. The EPS sticker is also off center.
3. Vibration from rear axle, significantly noticeable

All help is appreciated. I haven't been able to really ride around on it and now all of our vehicles are equipped with small/mid-sized fire extinguishers.

We had to drive near Niagara Falls (5 hours each way) just to get this ATV and it has issues that could've been avoided most likely. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice ATV and although we lost our heated grips, bark-busters and more, it's still good, granted it doesn't turn into a ball of flames like the last one. I just hope Polaris is only having this skimpy quality from the pandemic and that this isn't long-term. Again, please let me know if there's anything I can fix on this ATV to minimize or stop the grinding and others.

Until next time...
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