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2022 570 Sportsman Touring Premium Tail Light Wiring

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Hello there, hoping somebody on the forum can assist 馃槉.

We just purchased the Kimpex Adventure XL Trunk Rear SKU: 458530 for our 2022 570 Sportsman Touring Premium. The trunk has an integrated tail and brake light that needs to connect to the existing lights. Looking at the bike, I am struggling to understand what wires which wires to connect them and where. Hoping somebody on the forum has done this already and can assist by pointing us in the right direction.

For reference the wiring to the rear lights looks like this:

Many thanks in advance for the help.
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Red/blk is 12v+
Brn is ground for the tail light
Brn/wht is ground for the brake light - connects to brn through the brake light switch
Thank you! Much appreciated. Seems like I am going to need to install relays in order to make this work as the trunk light is already grounded.

The trunk probably light probably has traditional incandescent wiring with ground being 12v- and each light filament connecting to 12v+

To connect the light on the trunk if the trunk is plastic or composite material; connect the red/blk wire to the ground wire of the trunk light and connect the 12v+ leads to brn for the tail light and brn/wht for the brake light. Depending on the design and material of the trunk light, the exposed housing of the light will be 'hot' with respect to the chassis.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts