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2022 sportsman 570 leaking fluid

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I just purchased a 2022 sportsman with 12.1 miles on it. All visual inspections looked fine at the sellers I trailered it home about 75 miles, tied down, no movement. I unloaded it into my garage in the dark. Went out to show to my dad, started it, moved it forward and reverse just to sho him the operations and shut it down. Hopped off and noticed a pretty good amount of red fluid under the unit. I will clean up to investigate the true location of the leak but I’m curious to know if there are any know issues I should be looking for? This is very disappointing as the unit is like brand new, 12 miles, c’mon. Any help would be appreciated. I’ll update when I know more. Thanks, Ryan
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I’m not sure if any fluids that should be red. What model did you get? And did you check the fill and drain plugs of transmission? Polaris transmission fluid looks purple if I remember right
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Some people try to save money and refuse to buy Polaris Fluids because of $$$ and use Automatic Transmission Fluids.
Yeah I get that, but no one should be changing any oil at 12 miles
Or someone is messing with this guy and squirted some food coloring under it
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