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Staging at the Circleville RV Park & Kountry Store (Utah), 4 of us decided to spend a few days riding in/around the surrounding mountains.

Day 1: Into Beaver from Circleville for lunch. Wades Canyon (Paiute 01) were no issue for the new Sportsman 1000. I could literally drift around the tight corners without issue.

On the way up, we came across 3 on ATV that had "escaped" the jamboree to ride by themselves. They were not properly outfitted for riding, IMHO; shorts and open toed shoes, etc.

Along the PST88, I had a wild encounter with a bull elk. As I was going down the trail (lead rider), the elk was crossing the trail. When he saw me, he stopped, got up on his hind feet as though he was about to attack. I drew my .45 and he took back off into the trees never to be seen again! Shocked

Loads of wildlife seen atop the Tushar range - to include wild turkey, deer, coyotes and of course that single Bull Elk.

Miles logged: 74.7 and Garmin tracks attached.

Day 2: Circleville to Koosharem for lunch. This was a brutal ~126 mile round trip!

Monroe Mountain, likely due to its proximity to Richfield and the Jamboree attendees was much more busy; with ATV's, SxS and full sized trucks just about everywhere. My objective was to stay on as many 50" trails as possible. The PST89 though 50" restricted had a full on cattle drive coming up the trail.. Grin


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