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2O16 Polaris Sportsman 110 EFI

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Hello everyone Please Help!!!
Our 110 will not run and we are going through what could be wrong with it. It has a new battery. When it was running you could hear the fuel pump run and now you can’t. So we tool it out and all the connections are good and when you hook it battery the fuel pump runs on low voltage but we hooked everything back up and turned the key and it doesn’t run. We are at a lost, we have been checking every connection and so far everything beeps and the fuses in the fuse box are all good. What are we missing? Does it have a fuel safety switch? If so where. Does it have a inline fuse that is wrapped in electrical tape? If so where. Last thing Does it have a EFI relay? If so where. For the love of God!!! This is so frustrating.
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It will be easier and more time effective to take it to a dealer with the Digital Wrench Diagnostic software.

Yes, there is a fuse and a relay and the ECM - the ECM controls the relay and the relay controls the fuel pump.

I have attached the wiring diagram from the service manual (it's made by Aeon in China)


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Take it to the dealer
I wonder if the ass hats who insist on contaminating our fuel supply with alcohol are making money on fuel pumps too?? :unsure:
Probably - the Chinese can make alcohol for a fraction of what it cost's to make it here so it's most likely being imported and made from rice instead of corn.
So it runs fine when you jump power directly to the fuel pump?
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