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Hey guys,

Has been awhile since I have been on here and I just put a set of 30 Silverback tires on my machine for winter/snow riding. Although, I am starting to reconsider because when climbing up hills and the tires spin or start digging in, all I hear is clunking from the rear and front of my machine. I am just waiting to hear something go POP and my differentials to explode.

Has anyone ever had experience with this? Its not clunking like an axle about to break....its more of a louder clunk, like when you are going down a steep hill and your rear tires slow you down due to the engine braking.

I was told by dealer my rear drive train prop shaft had some play in it, so I am wondering if the universal joints need replacing and could cause the noise under stress.

Would like to fix whatever may be wrong before its too late and I am 30 miles into the forest...

Rear drive train prop shaft is the same on the Sportsman 850 as it is the Scrambler...maybe you guys with Scramblers might have some experience here?!

Any input would help as to what could cause such horrid noise! Thanks as always!
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