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I have a 99 Sportsman 335.

Found that the bushings are shot especially the outer top one in the rear and the shock bushings. Bought the JC Capri set and was installing and came up with 2 issues:

1. the inner bottom bushings do not go all the way to the frame mounts. There's probably a 3/16" gap at least. I don't remember if the stock ones had a gap or not. I do have both spacers in also and still have gap.

2. the bottom outer aluminum spacers that go in the bushings and mount into the bearing carrier seem to be worn a fair amount. I went to buy new ones on Polaris123 and they were $20 each, so I'm having a local guy make me a new set much cheaper. Is it normal for them to be worn? The bushings were not that bad.

I sure hope JC Capri bushings hold up better although the I think the quad has seen a lot of use and abuse before I got it. I don't know why I never noticed those being so worn before.

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