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Hey all,
I recently had to get a new set of wheels for my 2002 325 Trail Boss. I measured the front bolts and made the mistake of assuming all the bolt patterns were 4x156. But polaris had to complicate things and make rear hubs 4x4.
None the less, I got a teal good used set of rims and tires and they are all 4x156. The old rims are beat up to bad to be used so I cannot use them.(also, bigger wheels to look nicer.)
I cannot return the rims so i was thinking of some options. Get adaptors, or replace the hubs.
My first question, does anyone know at good affordable website where I can get adaptors online? I did a search on this forum and on google and came up with nothing that wouldn’t break my bank account or cost a fortune in shipping.
If that is not an option, what hubs can be used to replace the 4x4 hubs on the rear axle to make them 4x156?
Thanks guys.
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