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500 efi electrical problems

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but not to atv repair. I own a business that builds race engines and tunes suspension components but that does not make me an expert on everything just what I am experienced at. I bought a used 07 x2 500efi because I needed a 2 seater to take my wife to parks to ride and only can am and Polaris seem to make them right now. Do not hate me but I am not a fan of Polaris based on past repairs for customers but the polaris I bought only had 30 miles on it and the awd had never even been engaged. It had been sitting for sometime so the battery was low and after a lengthy time on the charger it still seem to not have enough to turn the engine over. Even though the battery showed good on a load test I opted for a new one anyway since it had been sitting for some time. The new battery fully charged did the same thing by only clicking the solenoid and the power drop would cause the dash cluster to cycle off and on but as soon as the cluster would stay lit then a pull of the starter cord and it would fire right up. I checked wire connections on everything that I could find and all where good so I jumped the starter directly and it turned over fine. I thought that maybe the solenoid is back feeding through the handle bar switch and into the cluster causing the protection circuit to cycle the instrument display for a few seconds but now that the outside temperature dropped a good 8 or so degrees from a front that the cluster just cycles on and off continuous so I am unable to start it pull cord or jumping the starter directly. Now I think that sense the temperature change has an effect on the situation it maybe in the cluster itself or the ecm. Has any one had a problem with not starting and the cluster flashing but would pull start when the dash stayed on?
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First off, welcome to the board!
Thanks! I am always happy to find people that love toys and riding them. I have been building mx,gncc and superbikes for 17 yrs and still love riding and working on them more then making lots of money.
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