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570 12" whee570 wheels will NOT fit a 570SP. Thor's definitive answer.

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Well, we have the final answer. You cannot put 12" 570 wheels on an SP. Tried to push the wheel on and the bolts wouldn't go through. You can see from behind that the steering arm will not clear inside the rim. So now we know for sure. :)


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Can someone explain what a pinch flat is and how sidewall height is involved.
I can give you a visual of exactly why I hate 14" wheels. It cost me two $165 each tires. The only solution I found was to go with a 28" tall tire on a 14" wheel, or ride at a rock hard 8-9 psi tire pressure.
These were my 26.5" Pitbull Rockers on my 850.

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Yeah this doesn't prove anything as far as the 570sp and 12" rims are concerned. It only proves that stock rims don't fit. I'm willing to bet a 4+3 offset on a 12" rim will work on a 570sp.

Also this whole hating on 14" rims is a lack of knowledge and buying into misinformation. First of all 14" rims cause no more or no less pinch flats the 12" rims its the tires that wrap them is where the problem lies. In the off-road community the general rule of thumb is you want a 2:1 ratio tire to rim diameter. If the tire to rim ratio deviates to much from that ratio the user will run into problems. I run 26" tires on 14" rims and it is absolutely the best combo. To crunch some numbers my 26" BH 2.0's measure 26.75" @5psi. So on my 14" rim the ratio is 1.91:1. Don't buy into the misinformation 14" rims work just as good as 12" because there are pros and cons to each and basically the rider needs to make an informed purchase based on his riding style, needs, and environment.
And I'm willing to bet you are wrong. The OEM wheel has a 4+2 offset, and if you look at all the pictures, you will see the wheel is still at least an inch from being seated on the hub. A 4+3 offset gives you one more inch to play with, but it would still be against the tie rod end when fully seated on the hub.
As for 26" tires on 14" wheels being the absolute best, that is crap as well. If you just ride smooth, hard packed trails, I'm sure you would be on the money with that. My alleged "lack of knowledge" cost me $330 worth of tires, riding the exact same trails I had ridden for years with 12" wheels and 26" tires. Never had a flat prior to the two pinch flats, and haven't had one since going back to 12" wheels. Anyone who rides rocks knows the truth about the 26/14 inch combo. It simply is not suited for the job.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You have been offered up some 7,000 words worth of proof in this thread that actually, visually, show problems, and yet you continue to deny that the problems are real. If you would kindly go buy yourself a 570 SP and show us all how you fit 12", 4+3 offset wheels on it, then I could eat a helping of crow. Since someone who does actually own a 570 SP showed us all that a 12" wheel doesn't fit, I think my crow dinner is safe.
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Yeah, I know, and I shouldn't get my panties all wadded up over this topic. :saeek: I just hate seeing wrong info put out there to people who might not know any better. I hope that sharing my experiences will maybe help someone else avoid the expensive problems that many of us have experienced, or at least understand the possible issues.
Put them on a 12" wheel with a 4+3 offset and they will be perfect for your 570. I'm assuming they are 26-9-12 and 26-12-12 sizes.
Put them on a 12" wheel with a 4+3 offset and they will be perfect for your 570. I'm assuming they are 26-9-12 and 26-12-12 sizes.
Does the 4+3 offset push your tires outside the fender Bob? Delta steels will replace mine stockers.
I haven't noticed any difference in the amount of crap hitting me when riding. Depending on the angle you look at it, they may look pushed way out, or it may look virtually the same. They don't move things far enough out to be worried about fender flares.
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