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570 tractor electric speed limiter

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Hello and sorry my bad english, i live in Finland

I just bought new polaris 570 eps tractor model and top speed is limited to 40kmh. I dont know is it same there in states. Its 2015 model so its with electric throttle and nobody in finland dont know how to remove that limiterr even importer of polaris. Its bit too slow that 40kmh in forest or snow.
Here is only three 570 2015 model registered in finland so thatelectric throttle and limiter is new for everyone.

So does anybody of you know how to remove that electric limiter?
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First off welcome!.. That's very strange.. Just to understand.. You're saying that the machine will not go faster than 40 kilometers per hour in any gear?..
Yeah thanks.. its 40 kilometers per hour with L and H gear..
I think its only in finland this f***ing speed limiter..:damnit:
something has got to be horribly wrong.. Take it back to your dealer and ask some questions.. Are the brakes locked up or something?.. Speed governors are not a new concept but 40km's p/hour is absolutely useless.. Being a Fin, you should be able to relate to this.. Finnish NHL players Olli Jokinen (Nashville Predators) and Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wild) skate about 40km's p/hr top speed.. That's really fast on skates but there's no way your machine is set up to only go that fast.. I saw an episode of dirttrax television a while ago where they went riding in Finland.. They were going full out (very fast) and there was certainly no mention of speed governors.. Is that related to using the machine on public roads or something?.. What good is a trail or utility machine that only goes 40kms per hour?.. If that's true your government is even more screwy than we have over here in north America.. ha!
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