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570 tractor electric speed limiter

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Hello and sorry my bad english, i live in Finland

I just bought new polaris 570 eps tractor model and top speed is limited to 40kmh. I dont know is it same there in states. Its 2015 model so its with electric throttle and nobody in finland dont know how to remove that limiterr even importer of polaris. Its bit too slow that 40kmh in forest or snow.
Here is only three 570 2015 model registered in finland so thatelectric throttle and limiter is new for everyone.

So does anybody of you know how to remove that electric limiter?
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No it not a key. And its same speed with high and low gear..
Yeah thanks.. its 40 kilometers per hour with L and H gear..
I think its only in finland this f***ing speed limiter..:damnit:
Okey, so now the importer of polaris says that i need to cut one wire begind the speedometer. I have ten wires there but now i dont know which wire i need to cut. i put two link to my pictures and if somebody of you can take two pictures from your speedometer so i can compare those pictures and cut right wire. you can send pictures to my email [email protected]. thaks!

polariksen mittari johdot
polariksen mittari johdot
where i can get that service manual? is it free somewhere?
i found this text.. is it that electric speedlimiter? so now somebody can say how i can remove that limiter? :rotflmao:

Speed Control
The speed control system utilizes the ECU, Speed
Sensor, Solenoid Valve, and engine vacuum from the
throttle body to operate. The ECU powers the system
through the ECU/IGN/FUEL Relay. When the speed
sensor signal rises over 40 Kph (25 Mph), the ECU
triggers the solenoid valve to open, allowing atmospheric
pressure on top of the air control body diaphragm which
limits the amount of air entering the engine. Once the
vehicle speed drops below 37-40 Kph (23-25 Mph), the
solenoid valve is closed by the ECU and the operation
repeats. Should the vehicle speed reach 67 Kph (42
Mph), the ‘check engine’ light will illuminate on the LCD
gauge to indicate there is a problem with the system.
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My atv is with tires no with tracks.. so that 40kmh (25mph) is bit too slow..
Tractor max speed in finland is 40kmh (25mph). Tractor model is same than normal atv but there is just that limiter,, I chose tractor cause its cheaper insurance than normal atv.
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