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570 tractor electric speed limiter

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Hello and sorry my bad english, i live in Finland

I just bought new polaris 570 eps tractor model and top speed is limited to 40kmh. I dont know is it same there in states. Its 2015 model so its with electric throttle and nobody in finland dont know how to remove that limiterr even importer of polaris. Its bit too slow that 40kmh in forest or snow.
Here is only three 570 2015 model registered in finland so thatelectric throttle and limiter is new for everyone.

So does anybody of you know how to remove that electric limiter?
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Tractor max speed in finland is 40kmh (25mph). Tractor model is same than normal atv but there is just that limiter,, I chose tractor cause its cheaper insurance than normal atv.
This is the same in Norway also.

There are 3 classe of registration for ATV.

Unregistered, no number plates, can only be ridden on private land.

Tractor registered. Number plates so you can ride on the rode but restricted to 40 kph. Cheaper to buy and cheaper to insure.

Or you can get it registered as a motorcycle which has no speed limiter but costs a lot more to buy and insure.

Did you manage to fix yours?
Hello my name is Erika I buy a polaris atv 2016 570sp sportsman and I have problem there is a speed limiter on 40km/h please help me to fix it... maybe you can help me with this???? it will be pleasure :angel:kiss
Rzr 570

Does anyone know how to remove the speed limiter on polaris rzr 570 2016?
I having same problem here. My 570 goes max 62 km h, anyone have problem solved?
This subject was in another thread just a couple weeks ago. You need a Speedohealer in the link below to trick the speedo into thinking you're going slower so the limiter don't kick in.
Just read through this thread and in case some are confused what a Sportsman “Tractor” is this should help. This also confirms the ECU is what restricts its speed.
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I bought used RZR 900 S 2018 from Finland and I want to get rid of speed limitation what is mandatoey for Finland market 40kmh. Did anybody know how this speed limit is done? ECU coding or external unit, mechanical? Can I get rid of it with ECU tuning?

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