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850 Hub Bearing Torque..

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My son asked me, when he had the wheels off of his '22 850 Ultimate Trail Sportsman to mount up a set of new CAMSO tracks, what the torque values should be on the hub bearing nuts as he was adding some grease to his hub bearings - and off the top of my head (DUH) I told him 110ft/lbs. for some reason thinking that was what I recalled reading at some point.
Now, it hit me last night - and got me wondering where I got that number from..
I have gone back this AM to see if I was right or wrong and have noted some references to it possibly being 80ft/lbs. instead!
I assume proper torque values are there for good reason and having 110 instead of 80 (if that is what it truly should be) would make a real difference and now the tracks (and hub nuts) should come off and get retorqued properly (big job.. which I should do - considering the poor information I passed along)..
But before I go through all of this - are the torque values for the axle hub nuts, front and rear, for a '22 850 Ultimate Trail 850 actually 80ft/lbs.?
Thanks for any input - he hasn't driven it very far so far - which is probably a good thing all considered - so if the nuts are too tight I would assume (you know how that works) nothing should have been screwed up so far..
Thanks - Randy
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Pretty cool out today here -20 degrees - so I'm gonna park inside and try and get rid of the chills - this getting old is for the birds - I used to love this sort of weather and could play outside all day in it - even in light clothing and without a garage at all.. but now I prefer to just look through the windows and snap open a 'cold one' instead!
I'll go along with that!
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