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850XP stock exhaust vs. Big Gun exhaust.

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I have spent the last two weeks trying to decide which exhaust to go with. I'm pretty sure I read every thread on here and watched every video on youtube concerning aftermarket exhaust. My buddy just ordered and installed the big gun slip on and after hearing his I couldn't pass up the sound or the price of the big gun. I did a side by side comparison before changing mine to help people hear the difference between stock vs. the big gun. And just to let you know, thats not my friends real voice. He felt corny doing the narration so we just made a joke out of it.

Polaris 850XP Stock exhaust vs. Big Gun exhaust - YouTube
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Read the thread an I clicked the link.

When I saw the video, I was like.."man, ive seen this video like 6 months ago"????

Too funny!!
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