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Picked up a used 93 (I think) 350 Liquid Cooled 4X4 and it's got a few problems I need to work out.

First and foremost I'd like to get my hands on a maint manual if someone has one or knows where I can find one online. (Polaris doesn't go back that far.). ANSWERED - ORDERED ONE

1. Overheat light comes on - Apparently there's a Radiator Thermo Switch and a water pump. I'm not sure if water is actually circulating or not. The resevoir level increases when it gets hot but does not overflow. (Fan does run for a couple of minutes when I turn the engine off.) Does the thermo switch control just the fan or does it control the flow of water? My second guess would be the impeller in the pump is bad but only because that's harder to get to.

2. Belt Replacement - Will I need any special tools or will a socket do the trick? Any tips on what to watch for and if there's any surprises would be appreciated.



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