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Hi all,
I am new to the forums and would first like to say hello. I have combed through these for my same problem and although i have seen them, the fixes the askers have found all do not work for me.

It started out with this 94 big boss having to have a ritual of pressing the electrical start for a few seconds and then ripping on the pull cord, which would get it to fire. My friend and i thought that putting in a stabilizer would be a good idea. After this we had no spark. I went through and replaced the stator, flywheel, ig coil, and lastly bought a cheap 20 dollar amazon cdi which had the 3 prong connector instead of 2. We got it all wired up and still nothing, finally, he changed the ignition coil back to the old one and it had spark! We put the new spark plug in and she fired right up no problem. Turned it off and fired it right back up.

Fast forward 2 days, i wanted to ease my mind so i went back out to the garage where i had it, turned the key, no electricals at all, no lights, no headlights, starter didnt turn.

Another 3 days, i turn the key, nothing. Go to rip on the pull cord, doesnt fire but now all of the light are back on and the bike turns over, but... no spark, yet again.

If anyone can help with this nightmare please feel free to put in your 2 cents. Thank you!

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