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94 Polaris sportsman 400 my first 4x4 four wheeler but not my first wheeler. I am new here and saw a lot of good answers and knowledge here so I figured it was best place for me to ask my questions.

Background of wheeler. I got the bike on trade and it didn't run. So I did the basics like clean carb and gas tank and well starter was squalling pretty good but it got it started so I replaced the starter all new. Well noticed crack in reservoir and fixed it with resin and plastic weld held up good. Noticed a few other little things such as throttle cable replaced due to breakage on oil pump side. Adjusted everything in specs by the manual and still could not get the thing to stay idle due to the ETC and was adjusted by the book to its specs. Alrighty fixed that by unhooking it for now. Will not idle ion revers or go in reverse by speed wise with the rev limiter hooked up so I unhooked it and it works good until I replace it. That's the way im going to run it for now.

Alrighty my questions I have.
1. Motor over heated and popped line off of the top of the head and now When you pull cap off of radiator it shoots antifreeze 5 feet in air. What do I need tostart checking?
2. I know lights on dash are blown so im going to swap those to LEDS if I can or can I?
3. I have not checked the fan and how do you check it?

4. I know most likely since the bang with the line popping off that the head gasket needs replaced. How hard is it?

5. With me doing it by myself. Do I need to go ahead and replace the seal in between the water pump and inner case ? or do you think I can just get away with replacing the head gasket?

6. I am pretty mechanically inclined so I know I can do the work myself just realy never messed with a 2 stroke engine before so is this going to be an Easier task or pretty hard to accomplish?

Thanks for reading this long session.,
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