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I have a 98 425 magnum 4x4 and three of the four wheels spin in 4wd. The front left doesn't spin. The hub fluid was at the correct level and new. I took apart the hub and everything in there looks fine. The Hilliard clutch when turned pushes out the rods in it to engage the tire. The back plate and teeth that Engage the clutch from the electromagnet is fine. When I have the quad on I can still take the plate and pull it off and slide it around when 4wd is on. It has a little magnetic pull the entire time. When I check the gray and brown wire for ohm resistance the right side has .50 and when I check the left it has 0. I tried flipping the gray and brown wires coming from the hubs on the circuit board on the side of the tank in front thinking that it would allow the left to work and the right to not but that didn't work. The right side continued to spin with 4wd and the left didn't. Is there something I can check electronically to see y the left side doesn't have resistance on the wires? Could it be the magnet that went bad in the hub? I don't see where the wire is cut but could it have busted in side the casing or silicone to where I couldn't see it? I'm at a loss. Hopefully someone knows how to diagnose this issue.

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