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I have a 1998 Sportsman 500 4x4 with EBS, 3200 miles. It began to have a creeping problem, and I was able to pinpoint the one-way bearing in the primary clutch as the problem (I removed the clutch and the one-way wouldn't turn without catching.) I sprayed the bearing with some dry lube, put the clutch back on the machine, and all has been well for 75 or so miles.

Looking at the $'s, I can buy a brand new off-brand clutch for less than what it would cost me to replace the bearing on the old OEM clutch, all things considered.

My question is: What would you do, especially those of you who have experience with the cheap Chinese clutches? This is an old machine, it sees 50 miles a week or so, and I'm already having a very difficult time finding parts for it, front struts specifically. Maybe cheap is the way to go in this instance...?

Thanks for any input,

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