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Hey Gang,

We are running our monthly $.99 auctions on Ebay. They are very popular and you can often get solid discounts this way. You'll see other inexpensive products on auction here too.

moto-alliance | eBay

The auctions are mostly for our SIRIUS and SIRIUS PRO lights as well as our IMPACT IMPLEMENTS.

Our SIRIUS line of lights competes with the ultra-cheap Chinese stuff on Ebay. China vendors have set up warehouses in the USA and are shipping direct to customers. There seems no customer service and quality control would be dicey at best on these. But they are cheap. Our SIRIUS line is a bit more expensive, but we are doing all the R&D and working directly in manufacturing these.

The SIRIUS PRO line is second-to-none in the industry (I'm biased of course). But we've had report after report of them performing as well or better than RIGID or VISION X and the other top end brands. Our engineer has automotive patents and knows what he's doing on these. You can get them for 50% less than RIGID -- even on a retail basis, but less an auction.

Our IMPACT IMPLEMENTS are awesome for acreage, food plots, land prep, etc. They are sold in mass volume through Cabela's, Acme Tool, and Sportsman Guide as well.

Check out all the specs in the listings. Enjoy!
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