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i recently bought this cheap cause the guy needed some money and it has some things wrong with it.
i fixed the leaky radiator and replaced the fan (the blades were bent and the shaft was too) i couldn't find any oem's on e-bay so i bought a universal -mount to the radiator style. i fired it up and filled it with coolant and it has tiny bubbles in the radiator and the fan takes awhile to shut-off. is there a filling procedure for this thing?( my 500 4 stroke has a lil burp plug on it to get rid of the air.) it doesn't take long for the engine to get warmed up enough for the fan to come on either. does this engine have a thermostat?? where?
about what should the idle speed be set at?
on the pass.side on the carburator ,how many turns out should the idle mixture screw be out. it just idles a lil rough (maybe it's me) running wise it will pull the front tires off the ground. i do need a clymer or some sort of manual but for now .....any help
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