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Bought a winch on Sunday, it showed up Thursday, and installed it tonight. Must say I'm impressed with the Viper winch, and motoalliance. Took about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. Honestly thought I'd have to quit and finish in the morning.

Also got my Cabelas ATV Tac bag and put it on. I like it, but was disappointed that the middle/rear bag didn't come with any stiffeners. Even called Cabelas about it to make sure I didn't get shorted.

After I found out that I didn't, and it only came with two stiffeners, I went to Lowes and got some plexiglass scraps and made my own. Now I just have to talk my wife into doing some sewing.

I think the bag will work out nicely as I haul my gear coyote hunting.

On the back of the bag is the Cabelas double gun TAC bag attached by MOLLE straps. I'll find out soon if they are strong enough for my coyote rifle and a shotgun.
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