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This is my first polaris and I'm having a few issues. It's a 2cycle scrambler 250 4x4. When I first purchased it , it had massive wiring issues. None of the lights work, some of the wires to the front hubs were cut and wiring to the lights were cut. I put in a new battery, fixed all the wiring, and cleaned out the tanks and installed new filters for the oil and fuel.

The previous owner said the motor had been rebuilt and it certainly has been painted and clean to indicate it probably has. I've flushed all the fluids and clean everything I could.

It ran well for awhile but now it is back firing when I let off the gas (really bad if I'm going down a hill) it will actually unseat the exhaust from the head. The battery has since went dead, I think from a lack of use. When I put the battery in I verified it was charging. My research has indicated sometimes this backfire is electrical from a rev limiter. Could that by my problem?

Also when I put it in 4x4 it appears only the front right tire drives. Is this normal? I didn't know if they were like truck 4x4 which only wheel typically pulls.

So far it's been a decent little machine but I think its going to need chains and sprockets soon. They are fairly loose. Anything else I should really be on the lookout for?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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