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Hi, new to the fourm. First post here. I bought a 2003 Polaris Scrambler 50cc in pieces for my 6 year old daughters. I’ve rebuilt everything and am putting it back together and I can’t figure out how the rubber piece under the fan cover goes on. It’s called the deflector. I am wondering if anyone can pull the 3 bolts/screws and take a picture of what this piece looks under the fan cover? On the parts diagram it is shown but not where it goes. The service manual doesn’t show anything either. I stole this picture of the part from eBay because I’m at work right now
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It is a rubber flap that goes over the top of the engine under the carb - there are no clear pics of it in the service manual, but it is #9 in the parts breakdown. It fits around the intake pipe where the reed valve is located.
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