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(See them here at: https://motoalliance.com/Site.Store.do?action=showCategoryContents&catId=184)

We "fell into" an amazing opportunity with our IMPACT IMPLEMENTS line. A high-end engineer who has developed similar successful agricultural equipment came up with this line of products and immediately had orders for thousands of implements. He also happened to be a friend of ours.

With so many orders, warehousing and order fulfillment was a near-impossible challenge for him. So we met and entered into an exclusive contract of development, manufacturing, and distribution. Now he gets to do what he does best in R&D while we send the implements through our sales channels like direct-to-you as well as Cabela's, Sportsman Guide, Acme Tools and many other sites. With this partnership, IMPACT IMPLEMENTS has become a mainstream brand in a very short period of time.

So this entire line is supported by the incredible design expertise of our partner with MotoAlliance's commitment to quality manufacturing, solid price points, and top-notch support.

And with more attachments coming all the time, food plot workers, small farmers, and land owners in general have access to a wide range of equipment to make their jobs much easier.

With this IMPACT IMPLEMENT line, we (hopefully) see MotoAlliance at its best -- an "alliance" of partners capable of bringing the best products directly to you.

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These products look pretty awesome. Really going to take a look at them this spring, we are using an older tractor to scrape our driveway (unpaved rock/gravel) after it gets hit hard by a big rain storm. I drag it a few times monthly that 1/4 mile would be taken care of much faster. I also just obliterated my lawn cart the other day and have been shopping new ones.
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