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We brought our highly-regarded VIPER winches to market in 2005-2006. Since then, they've been the choice of riders all over the world -- with over 400 dealerships in the Motoalliance network. They are used by the deepest mud riders in the South, and the extreme cold in our home state of MN. Here is some info that sets the VIPER WINCHES apart.

Elite ATV Winch.JPG

Max winches.JPG

(See them here: https://motoalliance.com/Site.Store.do?action=showCategoryContents&catId=6

Though there are many winch choices on the market, Motoalliance is one of the few remaining companies that controls the design of their winches. Many winches are just mass-produced on the same assembly lines in China with the only difference in the sticker/label. We fully control our designs, and have our VIPER winches made to our specifications, not those of China engineers.

There are different grades of raw materials for winches (and all metal products). Some of those materials are potentially blended, discarded, or junky. We use all military-grade raw materials for VIPER winches and our factory partner is TS16949 certified which is the international ISO code where all processes have to be publicly documented.

Our VIPER MAX and VIPER ELITE packages use stainless steel hardware and tie rods to avoid rust. And they all have or exceed industry standards for HP, motor design, etc. Plus they come with complete sets of accessories like snatch blocks, winch covers, and line stoppers. Our widespool options also have 65' of recovery rope -- longest in the industry!

If you choose to upgrade to synthetic, we use USA-made AMSTEEL-ROPE in six custom colors for nearly all winches. The AMSTEEL-BLUE has a special coating on it to keep it highly abrasion resistant. This is the same rope used for tugging freight across the oceans!

Here are some videos for further information and performance examples of our VIPERS!

Hanging UTV.JPG
(Please note. We do not in any way recommend trying this at home. )

PM or call for forum pricing. Thanks for the great support over the years!
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