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I have a 2011 500 HO. I started having some backfires and battery kept dying. Turns out I had a loose connection on the battery. It also started dying at idle after I had been riding for about 30 min or so. It would run fine, I would come to a stop and the last bit that I let off the throttle would kill it, electronics and everything. I replaced the battery and that solved all the problems except the dying at idle once warm.

It has been pretty cold here (0-20F). I adjusted the throttle cable because from what I read here the ECM may have been causing the shutdown. It seems to have fixed the problem but it did increase my idle to about 1400 rpm when engine is warm. I know I can adjust the idle but I wanted to make sure I was going down the right path before making any more adjustments. I don't want to tinker with a bunch of stuff if it's most likely something different like a carb that needs to be cleaned. Should I just be happy with the possible fix?

Thanks in advance!
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