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Alpine Loop

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Some friends and I are thinking about taking a trip to Colorado and riding the Alpine Loop but think about the alltitude and all we are wondering about our machines. I have a new Polaris Sportsman 400 and my buddy has a new Trail Boss. Will we have any problems knowing they both are carberated? Wondering if we might run out of power with them not getting enough air. Won't be loading them up heavy or anything but just the alltitude makes us wonder. Some of you guys from there, is there any chance of getting lost or in trouble and need to know anything before we go? Where can we get maps to study here at home before we go. Also can we get togather with some local clubs and have some fun. We are not kids anymore. We have a lot of years riding time in but.
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You will need to get them jetted because there is no doubt on that do to that Engineering Pass is 12,800 ft. I also think standard jetting is only 0-6000 ft.
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