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Hey guys I'm a complete novice to Polaris, I've owned my Polaris Sportsman 500HO a whole three day's now and it's my first Polaris. Normally when I buy a used ATV I want to go through it and change out all fluids and filter's for my peace of mind. As with other ATV's I've bought used in the past I've received no kind of detailed maintenance records and with this latest purchase of the Polaris Sportsman no maintenance records.

What I'm getting to is maybe you guys that have owned the Polaris ATV's for years could share alternative products that are basically the same as the Polaris branded fluid product. Just as good to use.

Like for example if I wanted to change out the antifreeze/coolant on my new to me 2008 Polaris Sportsman 500HO AWD do I have to use or is it highly recommend to use the Polaris brand premix/concentrate antifreeze/coolant/flush or could I use something like premix/concentrate Prestone or Zerex antifreeze/coolant/flush brand?

I've already seen that some of you use a alternative engine oil instead of the Polaris brand engine oil, like Mobil 1,Rotella synthetic oil,etc.

Don't limit it to just antifreeze/coolant, engine oil, but any alternative fluid like transmission,ADC,diffs,etc. That you know for a fact is good to use.

What can you vouch for as a alternative?


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