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so, I got two machines today for $400 for the pair.

not like new, sitting out side for 3 yrs.

the good:
good shape for the most part. not beet to death, appearance wise.
tires good, body good.

the bad:
Coil missing from one.
pipe from engine to expansion chamber missing on the other.
fuel caps missing.
wheels are pretty bent up.
we live in MN and they have been sitting outside, a bit rusty looking.

not completely familiar with the units, but knew enough to purchase.

The story is long but the short of it is this. a coworker told me his cousin had a private track my kids could ride.

went to there place to ride, good time nice setup. I saw the two machines sitting and looking like they needed a home. told him to ask his cousin if he wanted to sell but never heard anything and forgot about it.

this past weekend we were on the lake and were riding, I currently have a 2003 LT80 and a 2002 DS90 4 stroke. the can am is a turd. and for the power it has it should be an CVT. So I told the wife we needed to replace it, she agreed after watching all of the kids avoid it.

so shopping yesterday I remembered the above wheelers I saw 8 months earlier. Asked the coworker if he ever asked him. He said he forgot, and so did I. 20 minuets later he sends me a text "$400 for both come get them"

sounded to good to be true even with the sitting. I still grabbed the cash and headed out.

when I got there today I did get to meet the owner, if anyone knows or has herd of the Kerber family from Jordan, MN. they are all very good people. They all went threw hell a little while ago with an accident.

I spoke with Russ and told him, "you are giving me one hell of a deal on these."
his response was " I am just happy someone is going to use them, everyone is to old here to ride them"

I work with one of the family members and that man has a heart of gold. seems they all do.

I was undecided on what to do with these after the purchase. I could make money on them if I wanted.

I will take some time and get these machine back in top notch condition. my kids are so excited, and me too!

Thanks to all involved, I really thought it was cool to have someone do this, he wasn't actively selling them but when he found someone to use them he treated them right.

I know I am not out of the woods, the machines may have problems from sitting out in the weather for 3 years. but I think in the end I will be ok.

Here is what I see I need right away.
need gas caps
exhaust pipe from the head to main pipe.
wiring diagram.

any users of APEX? need to get a feel of what is common.

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Pretty much all the 2-stroke 90cc quads can use the same parts. They're all based on the Yamaha Jog scooter motor & transmission. Give Gary Fallon a call and he can walk you through anything you need help with. He's a great guy to do business with:

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