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Sorry guys these are for your toy pullers not your ATV.

Synthetic Motorsports is excited to announce we have added a new line of brake rotors to our brake line up. Applied Rotor Technology (ART) ART has been around the aftermarket performance arena for several years and specializes in engineering rotors, through CNC engineering techniques, we slot our ART performance rotors to ventilate them for superior cooling during hard breaking and in heavy duty applications.

After the slotting process we use our Cryotank suitable for cryotreatment of ferrous & non-ferrous metals, metallic alloys & carbides. Through the use of our cryogenics process, we reduce the porosity and stress of the rotor and give a denser martensitic structure to the surface.

To read more about them click here.

For the rest of the month of June, we are offering a 10% off plus free shipping on the purchase of the ART rotors.

If you have questions about ART brake rotors or the R1 Concept brake components Synthetic Motorsports offers, contact me, for assistance.
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