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ATV Anti-Theft

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You can reduce your risk and make your ATV a poor target for theft.
The threat wants to be in the dark, quiet, and quick, so don’t provide them with dark, quiet, and quick.
Security measures are applied in depth, several layers of security.
Using several simple, low cost practices can help you keep your ATV.

Deter: Front and rear porch lights on at night.
Deter: Keep the ATV in the back yard.
Deter: Cover the ATV with a brown tarp so it is not apparent.
Deter: Keep the ATV in your garage or shed.
Deter: Motion sensor flood lights on house or shed.

Delay: Use a pad lock that fits in the brake disk holes.
Delay: Keep the keys in a room separate from the ATV.
Delay: Loop a wire rope through the rim holes and through the frame and lock it with a heavy duty pad lock.
Delay: Put stuff around the ATV that would have to be moved and would make noise.
Delay: When you go on vacation, remove a wheel and the seat and put them in your basement or in a closet.

You do not have to do all of these, but you should try to do as many as possible as a regular practice.
There are other things you can do to deter and delay.
All of these items can be defeated.
But you have created a situation where the threat should move on to easier pickings.

ATV Anti-Theft: Hide it, immobilize it, don't make it an easy target.

take good pictures of it that you can email/print out for law enforcement,
record the ATV VIN and keep it in your desk file folder, and
consider marking the underside of a plastic part with the last four digits of your SSN or your initials.
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Longshot...although I appreciate firearms, you DO realize that you are going to start something ugly here with that last photo don't you? Great dog photos! I'll bet the Jack Russell rules the roost.
Just an observation...it would be much easier to quietly "roll" a sport bike away than an 800+ pound Sportsman. Not impossible for a couple of big guys though. In our area, it would be very dangerous to try to steal an ATV, Castle Law or not!
It's horrible when you loose a dog. They become a member of the family.

As far as taking two tires off your quad every time you park it... I feel sorry for you that something that extreme is necessary. I'm on my quad almost every day and the wheel thing would be a real pain. Out here, a lot of people don't even lock their doors. Still I have insurance, it's peace of mind.
Paint it PINK and put a Barbie sticker on the side. Who's going to steal a pink, Barbie bike? LOL!
Yeah, but whose going to ride with a guy on a pink Barbie quad??? :cowboy:
1 - 4 of 262 Posts
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