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ATV identification

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My son in law and I have acquired a 93 Polaris 350 2x4. Can anyone tell me if this would be the Trailblazer?? I will be in need of a couple of manuals for repair and/or maintenance so if anyone could direct me as to where to find a good service and parts manual, I would be obliged. Thanks much, Doug
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not necessarily a trailblazer. the older machines from polaris were all so similiar. it really is nothing more then a 1993 350L 2x4. that is how polaris has it listed on their dealer microfiche. the same year trailblazer has some differences. a good aftermarket repair manual would be this one Clymer Repair Manual. The model number from polaris for you machine is W937539

hope that helps!
Thanks blue. Helps a bunch! Doug
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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