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I'm an engineering student doing research for a class in where we have to identify different needs from ATV owners and I'm looking for ATV enthusiasts who can answer some questions in hopes of being able to identify those pains.Below I will put those questions, really hope to hear your responses it would be a lot of help!
  • Have you ever sustained an injury from this vehicle?
  • Have you ever been in an ATV related accident? If so, how?
  • When owning an ATV what is the most important function when maintaining this type of vehicle?
  • Has your vehicle ever broken down while in use? If so, what was the issue?
  • How do you decide which product you should buy?
  • What is a reasonable price that you would pay for an ATV? Why?
  • What's the most expensive thing that you have purchased for your vehicle?
  • What is something you wish you had?
  • What is something you must have?

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Always glad to help an aspiring engineering student!!!!

1- yes I rolled my ATV and it landed on me.
2- yes, see above answer.
3- accessibility.
4-things break all the time but the only instance I consider a break down is a tow out. I've been towed once and it was due to a broken starter.
5- research.
6- I just bought and modded an $18k ATV. For what it is I guess it's reasonable. The why would be it's capabilities.
7- wheels and tires.
8- more suspension travel.
9- skid plates.

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My wife and I own a number of ATVs and a UTV so answers are based on experiences with the current fleet.

No injury from the machine itself. I have been injured due to my actions on the machine. I chose a wrong line on an obstacle and twisted my ankle.

No ATV related accidents

A healthy respect for the machine capabilities along with the knowledge of how quickly any situation can turn bad. I also believe that a basic knowledge of how the machine works and some skill in the maintenance is important.
One of my older machine did fail out on the trail due to an electrical failure. The Ranger failed recently due to a faulty electronic sensor.

The product I chose was decided by the use I planned for it and the age/experience level of the intended rider

Depends on the machine. My ATVs were not as expensive as the UTV we purchased for working around our property. However in each case when we bought new machines, we made the purchase at the end of the model year when the rebates and incentives were best. $9k for my 850, $7K for the 450, $13500 for the Ranger 1000. But $100 each for a couple non-running project machines.

Glass windshield for the Ranger, Front and rear bumpers for my 850

Better hand guards with more wrap around coverage

Better tires than what comes on the machine from the factory

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-No, never been hurt on an ATV.
-Keeping oils/fluids in and water out
-Yes, busted a knuckle on the axle
-Polaris has a great reputation as well as Highlifter and i was in the market for a mud machine
-Under 15K, anything else becomes an investment and not a hobby
-RJWC exhaust and doebeck tuner, and it was a waste of money
-A softer seat
-More HP
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