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Autometer gauges

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Installed Autometer Autogage series 1.5" oil pressure & temp gauges. They fit pretty snug in the pod. What you can't see is the red bulbs and fully sleeved SXL 18awg harness.

Power is from one of the two ignition switched power sources under the front cowl. Ground runs from the main 6mm stud on the frame under the seat.
I used green temp blue oil pressure orange power and black ground. Fully sleeved to just short of the ring terminals with 3:1 shrink on the rings for strain releif and 2:1 to cover the sleeve ends.

The temp sender is in the thermostat water neck boss. Drilled & tapped to 1/8 NPT.

I wanted an "it's good" or :eek: oil pressure indicator. Pressure sender is 244-33ohm 0-40psi. The gauge is 0-100 but the 40psi sender puts the 8-10psi hot idle pressure in the good enough zone. Yes the pressure sender is directly on the engine. If a 383 chrysler with a fairly radical cam can't rattle the guts out of one of these canister senders I doubt this engine will.:D
With the 0-40PSI sender the 0-100psi gauge readings are easy to translate. 100=40, [email protected] [email protected], [email protected], & 0=:eek:. The green zone is from 20-80 and it stays there when I'm driving and just below the 20psi mark at hot idle.

Replacement Banjo Bolt drilled and tapped for 1/8 NPT for the oil pressure sender.

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Looks cool. I'm like you about the "idiot" lights as I've always heard them called. Usualy when they tell you something is up, it's to late. Wish they came with gauges equiped.
Nice work Hatzie!!

With all the features on these machines, you'd think they'd come with oil/temp meters already installed and a scrollable feature in the pod readouts.
Block meters like the fuel gauge for oil pressure and water temp wouldn't be hard for the OEM to fit on the perimeter of the speedometer LCD without scrolling.

From orbit via Android.
Looks good!!! I'm probably gonna get rid of my oil pressure gauge, the 550 makes like 9 psi at 5000 RPM, so the 100 psi gauge only really works when it's -20 outside lol. Probably just gonna change it to oil temperature
How does the gauge pod and ECM communicate?
Is it J-1939 CANBUS?
If so you could simply tap into the data wires without installing sensors.

I'm actually interested in adding some instruments to my 850 if it works that way.
Not sure. I've never looked into it. The diagnostic plug may be some flavor of J-1939. Polaris has posted an opening on Linkedin for an Embedded Control Systems "Electrical Engineer, Software" with J1939 expertise. So.......
The stock temp sensors on my carbureted 500HO (Fan & Overheat) are thermal switches not thermistors.
EFI may have a thermistor sensor?? I'm not sure?? Whether that info is available on the CAN Bus is unknown as well. Case in point... My 09 Impala SS has a thermistor in the transmission fluid circuit but AFAIK it's output is not available to the ECM via the CAN Bus. It's direct to the TCU.
I don't believe Polaris put oil pressure sensors of any kind on their bikes.
I tried wiring an OBD-II scangauge to the polaris datalink, while the hardware is much like CAN or J1939, the scangauge didn't pick up anything. The polaris ECM gets intake temp and pressure, coolant temp and crank speed inputs.
Good job on the gauges.

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