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Hopefully someone here can offer me some suggestions!

2012 Sportsman 500 HO

Issue: AWD is locked in High and Low range. Disconnects for reverse but will not engage again when pressing the override button. Once I go back into the forward gears the AWD locks again.

Also the check engine light with the "hot" warning flashes but stops when I move the machine. This warning often comes on during a cold start which does not make sense as the engine has not had time to over heat.

All these issues seems to have come to light after I removed a charged the dead battery.

Steps I have taken:

- Completed two AWD fluid changes in hopes that the oil may have been bad. The old oil was pretty dark. This is the first time I have changed it personally but the dealer has changed it several times in the past.

- Checked the battery and confirmed 12 Volts.

- Checked the rad fluid and ensured the radiator was clear of debris mud ect.

I have spoken to the service department which is out of town from where I am and they don't believe it is the roller cage as the AWD is disengaging for reverse.

I am wondering if this is something electrical? Especially with the odd check engine light coming on and turning off.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a problem inside the front gearcase to me. Did you drain the oil into a clean pan and check for bits and pieces when you changed it? I'd say some of the H springs are weak or damaged although it could be a cracked cage too.
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