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Among other issues with my ride (96' Xplorer 400L 4x4) when the key is switched off, I can hit the AWD button and it will light up?! Not sure what's going on here, but can't be a good thing...

I had a leaking seal in the back of the knuckles recently and decided to pull it apart and put new bearings, seals, etc... in. Well, that required I pull the front struts off the machine and consequently, unwire the AWD magnets wires from the power board. My AWD still isn't working, but I learned a few things from a quick search of the forum to check. That said - I thought maybe I had switched up a few wires when I re-assembled the machine, but I have the wires exactly the way they came off?

Any help is appreciated or if someone has a wiring diagram they can shoot my way that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!
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