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Just wanted to put another datapoint out here.

I recently bought a 2012 Sportsman XP 850 HO EPS. No problems with it, runs great, and love the EPS.

Got a second one for the spouse and we ended up swapping (since I already had the first one broken in, plus color preferences) and I immediately notice that right from the start the new one has a pull to the left.

I still took it out on a long ride (~51 miles, varying speed/rpm, terrain, etc as appropriate for break-in) and had fun, but was really tired of the pull, so took it back to the dealer on Monday. I thought maybe something like an alignment problem, but they noticed right away that when you turn the key on, the handlebars would turn slightly to the left ON THEIR OWN. (Funny I didn't notice since it was slight.)

Anyway, they ran some tests, and spent time on the phone with Polaris tech and have decided that the EPS unit is bad. They ordered the replacement immediately and hope to have the machine ready for me by Friday or Saturday. I had also asked about one other difference I felt I noticed from our other 850 (just a slight something in the front end when going over bumps) and they did a really thorough check and found a couple of bushings they thought weren't as tight as they should be. So they ordered replacements for those as well - all under warantee of course.

Love this dealership! (Star Island Motorsports in Prescott Valley, AZ.)

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