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Battery problem from Wales

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I've got a 2004 Magnum and in a rush and in the semi dark I connected the battery the wrong way round. When I tried to start the machine there was a wushing noise and smoke came up from the front of the machine by the handle bars. Any ideas as to what I've damaged and need to replace?
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Rectifier? If you take your plastics off around the tank and bars, I think it will be fairly obvious what took the hit. If the outside is not crusty and bubbled, it should smell burnt if its bad.
As far as I can see the 2004 magnum does not have a rectifier. Looking at some other posts there seems to be a suggestion that this function is in some other part. Do you have any ideas?
Sorry, no I don"t. I assumed it was like my 450 Sportsman. Someone here will know, hang in there for the right poster!
I really don't see how anyone can give you a answer on this without the machine. I don't know where you buy your parts but anyplace I buy mine from you don't return electrical parts if you don't use them. This can be costly to buy parts just to try. I am going to say unless you know that you are doing take it to someone who does. I will properly get a lot of disagreeances on this answer.
I simply stated that if something (insert component name here) is crispy, it should be fairly obvious, either by sight or smell. Could have been a fuse, relay, ECM..... but it should be fairly obvious. The first step would be to identify the component in question, even if you don't know what it is or does. That way you can remove it and take it to someone (dealer) who can identify it.
it should be fairly obvious, either by sight or smell. Yes by all means fix it. I find in my shop that's not the case as a rule, but if it is good. You will save yourself some money if its that simple. Things you can see like fuses or burnt wires. Yes pull things apart and look. All I am saying just don't start buying parts to try things out. You will find it cheaper to have someone who knows that they are doing. Just saying once you buy a electrical part you own it. Now I wouldn't think too much about the smell part because by then it could be more them one part burned up.
look at reg-rectifier, black box in front of radiator.
Voltage rectifier 2004 magnum 330

Thanks for all the help everyone but does anyone know if the 2004 magnum 330 has a separate voltage rectifier or if this function is incorporated in another 'black box'. There are a couple attached to the machine in front and beneath the bars. One looks like the cdi and the other, directly beneath, is solid and finned.
Solid and finned (heat sink) sounds like a rectifier to me?
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